Just like your appearance, your logo or your business card communicates who you are to the world. This is an expression of your personality and your professional activity.

We offer our expert knowledge to conceptualize and execute your company’s visual identity so that it is modern, fresh and up-to-date with our times.

Les Gentils PariZiens take care of everything from logo design to the full development of your brand identity including your business cards, your brochures or any other type of visual communication support.


What are visual communication sessions ?

During an informal meeting which requires no commitment from you, we listen to your needs and wishes. After taking your requests into consideration, we are more than happy to provide a quote for you.

We invite you to participate at each step of the process of development in order for you to fully assimilate your new visual identity.

Once the creative aspect is completed, we will confirm the follow-up of production alongside printers who are carefully selected for their accurate and professional work.

In conclusion, we offer you the chance to obtain a visual identity that reflects and your personality, as you have contributed actively to its production.

Packages & Prices

Visual Communication

Upon request only

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Stefano and les Gentils PariZiens: I am a customer and a major fan! One day, I happened to discover one of their flyers, a wonderful creation that really spoke to me. I thought, “Wow, finally a flyer that stands out.” I knew instantly that he would be the person I wanted to design my visual identity and bring awareness to my company. Stefano is a creator who, with great attention to detail, respect and sweetness, dares to put you in the limelight. He designed my professional brochure, making it chic, luxe, and fun all at the same time. Now, les Gentils PariZiens continue to accompany me in all of my creative endeavors.
Caroline B. (Cannes)