Denise Diallo souriante

Denise Diallo

Stefano Venchiarutti souriant

Stefano Venchiarutti

Constantly on the lookout for the latest ideas and emerging trends, Stefano and Denise offer you their expertise of all that is in style for women, men and interiors. The pair always work closely with their clients, keeping them informed as new ideas develop.

Stefano and Denise introduce you to the most innovative brands in style and design, brands of outstanding quality and variety.

They have the very best,  exclusive shops and stores at your disposal.

Les Gentils PariZiens share their little Black Book full of addresses including their favorite stores and boutiques which showcase the best that Paris has to offer. Now, they provide an excellent and professional bespoke service for the most discerning clientele.

Their experience

Since the creation of the agency in 2009, Les Gentils PariZiens have adapted personalized looks for many clients, be it a client’s wardrobe styling, professional advice on personal shopping or redefining a look to improve the overall appearance of their clients styling or home decor. Aside from clothing and styling advice, Les Gentils PariZiens also offer their expertise for the home too. The rich diversity of Denise and Stefano’s client base extends to both men and women from all walks of life. With this in mind Les Gentils PariZians are able to listen carefully to each individual client desires. Some past clients were experiencing personal or professional change in their lives. Les Gentils PariZiens were able to advise them, support them and guide them in their development, in an individual manner and always with the same kindness and high level of service.

Denise and Stefano, two Gentils PariZiens at your service

Stefano Venchiarutti

His experience as a designer ranges across the menswear, womenswear and accessories market. Designing for more than 15 years, Stefano also includes home décor and product design to his repertoire. As a designer, Stefano over the years has collaborated with many prestigious brands and leading companies, often working as chief designer and as head of collection. Stefano has also gained valuable experience by achieving 5 years of reinforced psychotherapy and psychoanalytical studies with many experiences in the field of personal development. His vision of the ‘other’ leads him naturally to push you in the expression of the best or yourself.

Denise Diallo

A Designer for more than 15 years, Denise has designed in the womenswear and childrenswear market. She also has vast experience within designing for the accessories, textile and house décor sector. Denise also had the amazing opportunity to be trained by Mr Kenzo Takada. She learnt the art of combining colours and how to play with texture and fabrics. Alongside her activity of being a ‘Gentille PariZienne’, Denise collaborates within the Film Industry as a set and costume designer. The creation and the management of a wardrobe are pretty much her everyday life. Naturally patient and benevolent towards actors, she has forged throughout the years a confident relationship with them. Today they honor her showing her their loyalty.
Stefano et Denis