stefano Personal shopping facilitates the work done by coaching in self image or in interior decoration. However, it can be offered as a unique service all on its own.

Are you passing through Paris ?

Let us share a fashion and decoration shopping experience off the beaten track.
Come and discover our fabulous Parisian addresses, exclusive and discrete places, famous fashion houses, emerging brands, artists’ studios tucked away on a small Parisian street or in an Haussmannian apartment, a world full of discovery that everyday people do not have access to.

Are you looking for an exceptional unique item ?
We do everything for you to give you total satisfaction !

If you request privacy, it is possible for us allow you total privacy in some stores. Should you wish, the Gentils PariZiens are able offer you the opportunity to meet with the designers and to visit them in their studios.
We will have negotiated the best prices with some excellent deals and private sale invitations.
At your request, we will find you a translator and a car with a driver should you wish.

garde-robeWhat are personal shopping sessions ?

At first, we gather all the information we can have about you concerning;
• Your needs
• Your desires
• Your budget.
Then we analyze your request in order to select the store addresses and the items that are likely to please you.
Then we also organize a personalized itinerary according to your taste and desire, by theme or area of the city.
Gourmet breaks in places duly selected can bring a welcome delight to your day.
We handle all the meetings, the orders and the follow-up if you choose the personalized service.

You do not have enough time? You are unable to come to Paris?
The Gentils PariZiens take care of your shopping list and send the coveted items, as soon as possible, to your home.

Packages & Prices

Package Opéra

Price: from Euro 500 to Euro 710 inc. VAT

Our basic personal shopping option consisting of an interview to setup an itinerary, plus a half day tailor-made shopping trip with a short break in a typical Parisian venue.
1 person : € 500
2 people : € 560
3 people : € 630
4 people : € 710
(inc. VAT)

Additional hours
€ 90/hr inc. VAT
Chauffeur driven car and a translator are available as Optional Extras on request.
Package Opéra

Price: from Euro 800 to Euro 1130 inc. VAT

Our standard personal shopping option consisting of an interview to setup an itinerary, plus a 1 day tailor-made shopping trip with pauses in typical Parisian cafés or restaurants.
1 person : € 800
2 people : € 900
3 people : € 1010
4 people : € 1130
(inc. VAT)

Additional hours:
€ 90/hr inc. VAT
Chauffeur driven car and a translator are available as Optional Extras on request. (Beyond 4 people, the service is on request only)
« Sur-mesure »

Hourly price: Euro 140 Inc. VAT

This personal shopping option is made Only for you.
€ 140/hr inc. VAT

Other option :
We can also do all the shopping for you and send you products wherever you are.

Price: € 160/hr inc. VAT

20 % of the price of the product + shipment
For more information, please contact us: +33 (0) 685 732 096


A day with Stefano… …is extraordinary…. First, I didn’t know what to expect… I was curious to know which shops he was going to show me in Paris and if I would find something really different from Germany… In the early morning the adventure started… First, we’ve been to some shops in Saint-Germain. Very fast I understood that Stefano knew which clothes were good for me. He suggested me various styles, rock for example. I tried on a lot of clothes and I felt like a model…. Stefano took a picture of each fitting….it was a request of my friends in Germany… Stefano and I had a lot of fun. Stefano is very nice, polite and honest. He has a lot of taste, he knows many people and shops,we always feel good with him. We had lunch in a very typical French restaurant, I really felt as a French woman… A very pleasant moment! We spent the afternoon in the Marais where we’ve been to other very interesting shops. After a glass of champagne we left at the end of the day. I was very tired but also very happy and with many attractive things … It was an amazing day!!! I discovered a good selection of shops and I found many French things very interesting. I wear all the clothes very often in Germany and I received a lot of compliments from my friends. Thank you Stefano! My favorite clothes bought in Paris are leather pants (super cool!), a black dress in a very original fabric (very French), a leather jacket and a grey-blue shirt… Little anecdote : When I showed the pictures of the clothes that I tried to my friends in Hamburg one week later, there was a polka dot dress which I did not buy because I thought it was a bit too French for Hamburg… But my friends told me that I had to have this dress... So I texted Stefano and three days later I received my dress by post. Stefano is incredible…. Next time I’ll be in Paris, I’ll spend another day with Stefano, for sure!
Catharina A. (Germany)